THE CANINE HOUSE …everyday is an adventure

The Canine House provides full day and half day care services

Our two level open play and lounge areas give your pups ample space to strech out , socialize ,play and nap at their leisure .

Each day at the daycare is packed with fun, indoor and outdoor play adventure walks and lots of personal attention.

For your pups physical and mental stimulation we offer a daily  customized mix of outdoor adventure walks and outdoor  group play- fieldtrips

Together we can create the best day for your pup.


If your dog is reactive on leash  please  don’t be discouraged, please reach out to us , your pup wont be left behind ..we can customize your pups outings

Each Dog is unique and depending on their needs together we can help create a personalized programme for their individual needs

FULL DAY – guests(pups )Have two outings a day , morning and  afternoon.

HALF DAY – guests(pups)  enjoy one outing a day

Pups enjoying the half day daycare service will enjoy time at the daycare where they can meet up with their pals ,socialize and play and enjoy either a morning walk or outdoor group-play field trip

walking together forms positive relationships in dogs more readily than any other activity

Adventure Walks

BEACH …BOARDWALK..Ashbridges Bay .. and Beyond 

Our Adventure walks are made up of small group leash walks 1-4 dogs per handler Never more

the groups will be created according to size and compatible to the groups walking styles.

This is key for their safety and enjoyment, we aim to build a safe and fun walking groups so all the pups in the group can enjoy their outing … its their walk .

Homemade Treats